20th & 21st March 2024

Avinya Possessed

The Avinya is the Technical event organized by Computer Department of JSPM's Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering. An event purely based on knowledge, fun and curse.

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  • About The Event

    👻 Step into the darkest depths of our event, where curses and exorcisms cast their haunting shadows. Across four harrowing rounds, both programming and non-programming, we challenge your wit and resilience in a Halloween-themed nightmare. Assemble your team, for survival hinges on collective courage in the face of spectral adversaries. Expert talks and chilling exhibitions punctuate the night, but tread cautiously, for malevolent forces lurk in every corner. Will you brave the unknown, or succumb to the whispers of the paranormal? The choice is yours... if you dare.

    🎃 Welcome to a realm where the veil between worlds grows thin, and the echoes of destruction reverberate through the air. Amidst abandoned mansions and cursed forests, our event beckons the fearless to test their mettle. Prepare for a journey where survival means navigating the treacherous paths of programming prowess and unraveling enigmatic riddles. But heed this warning: in this haunted affair, success hinges not only on individual resolve but also on the strength of your chosen companions. Are you ready to confront the horrors that await, or will you become just another ghostly whisper in the night?

    Speakers for Expert talk

    Sagnik Ghosh

    Co-Founder | | CEO @ WorqHat | Ex-Documentation @ Firebase | Building AI No-Code Workspaces for Businesses

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    What is Avinya Hackathon?

    AVINYA Hackathon is a thrilling 24-hour programming and creativity challenge where participants dive into solving real-world problems. The event comprises three exciting rounds: Crime Scene, Trick or Treat, and the Final Nightmare Showdown. Teams of up to three members craft compelling stories, tackle programming tasks, and unleash their creativity with AI tools. AVINYA provides a supportive environment with complimentary food, internet connectivity, and dedicated workspaces. Join us for an adrenaline-fueled experience of innovation and collaboration!

    Who can participate in AVINYA Hackathon?

    Students, professionals, and enthusiasts with skills in programming, creativity, and problem-solving can participate. The hackathon is open to individuals and teams of up to three members.

    Number of members allowed in a team?

    The maximum team size allowed is three members, and the minimum required is one member per team.

    What should I bring to AVINYA Hackathon?

    Participants should bring their own systems (laptops or computers) and any required equipment or software they prefer working with.

    What is provided by AVINYA during the hackathon?

    AVINYA provides complimentary food during the hackathon, internet connectivity, and separate workspaces for each team. Technical support and event support contacts are also provided for assistance.

    Is it mandatory to stay for the entire duration of the hackathon?

    While it's encouraged to stay for the entire 24-hour duration to maximize productivity and collaboration, participants can take breaks if needed. However, leaving for an extended period may affect team progress and dynamics.

    Will the participants receive certificates?

    Yes, all the participants are going to receive the certificates of participation.

    Contact information for organizers

    - Event Support:
    - Lakhan Chauhan -> 9373417037
    - Sumit Jadhav -> 8668826280
    - Technical Support:
    - Gaurav Pandit -> 7020403391
    - Atharva Varule->9623546700